Covid19 Update

In this horrible time with Covid19, all cancer patients should be very, very cautious. Your immune system may be compromised which can have a terrible effect if you were to be infected. Follow all the CDC recommendations; distancing, face masks and no large gatherings. I myself am at high-risk due to my existing lung cancer.

Now there are 3 different vaccines, which is great. My advice, along with the best scientist in this field, is to take the first one you can get. The supply distribution is getting better as we speak. It is always better to be on the safe side and keep up with the masks and social distancing in public places until we can get a majority of people in the US vaccinated. It only takes one slip up to put your life in jeopardy to contract this horrible deadly virus. So get vaccinated and follow the science. This is not a political issue like some are trying to make it.

Telemedicine has expanded greatly since the Covid19 hit. This is where you can have certain appointments (like follow-ups or consultations) on-line from your home. In my opinion, this should be used as often as possible. I believe this was long overdue. Patients can be spending 2 hours at the doctor’s office for an appointment. Now they can spend 15 minutes in their home without dangers of travel, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc. I have used telemedicine appointments with my oncologist, kidney specialist, urologist and neurologist. Also, I would recommend recording the audio on your cell phone to review again, if needed. This is handy for you, and maybe a caregiver who may not be able to be there for that appointment.

Now there are times when you must go to the office, such as a physical checkup, chemo, blood work, or other items where you physically must be present. However, take advantage of the telemedicine every time you can.