Covid19 Update

Updated! (6-15-2021) We are finally turning the corner of Covid19. There are many differences between states on opening up, as well as wearing masks, as well as people refusing to get the vaccine. Be aware of all these things in your particular state. Do what is right for you and your family. There are still many concerns, especially for children, that have not yet been resolved. Do your best to keep you, and your family safe. In my opinion, everyone who is eligible should get the vaccine. Not only to protected you, but to protect everyone around you.  It is sad that this issue has somewhat turned into a political and conspiracy theory issue with a large part of our country. Believe the facts and science, not the rhetoric on the Internet.

Click Here to check how many people in the US have been vaccinated.


Telemedicine has expanded greatly since the Covid19 hit. This is where you can have certain appointments (like follow-ups or consultations) on-line from your home. In my opinion, this should be used as often as possible. I believe this was long overdue. Patients can be spending 2 hours at the doctor’s office for an appointment. Now they can spend 15 minutes in their home without dangers of travel, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc. I have used telemedicine appointments with my oncologist, kidney specialist, urologist and neurologist. Also, I would recommend recording the audio on your cell phone to review again, if needed. This is handy for you, and maybe a caregiver who may not be able to be there for that appointment.

Now there are times when you must go to the office, such as a physical checkup, chemo, blood work, or other items where you physically must be present. However, take advantage of the telemedicine every time you can.