Covid19 Update

New! (7-15-2022)  From the MD Anderson site on the new Omicron subvariants:  COVID-19’s BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants  

Updated! (10-25-2021) This is still an active pandemic. Good news is the approval of additional booster shots for adults, and the approval of vaccine for children 5-11.  Amazing still, there are many battles going on about being vaccination for adults, as well as adults vaccinating their children. This blows my mind. People forget that we all got vaccination to prevent 14 diseases when we were children.  Click here to refresh your memory   

People have made this disease political and say it is my choice (while over a million Americans had died from this disease). If it only affected them, it would be their choice and I am OK with that. But it does not. They infect others without even knowing it. This causing pain and agony to thousands of other people and their families. I am sure most people have seen lately where unvaccinated people get hospitalized (and some die) and their message to everyone on-line is “Get the Vaccine”


Click Here to check how many people in the US have been vaccinated.

Click Here to check how many people in the US have died from Covid. Now over 1 million. Way more than it should have been, and still climbing every day.