Covid19 Update

Updated! (6-15-2021) We are finally turning the corner of Covid19. There are many differences between states on opening up, as well as wearing masks, as well as people refusing to get the vaccine. Be aware of all these things in your particular state. Do what is right for you and your family. There are still many concerns, especially for children, that have not yet been resolved. Do your best to keep you, and your family safe. In my opinion, everyone who is eligible should get the vaccine. Not only to protected you, but to protect everyone around you.  It is sad that this issue has somewhat turned into a political and conspiracy theory issue with a large part of our country. Believe the facts and science, not the rhetoric on the Internet.

Updated! (6-29-2021) This new Covid variant called Delta is now in the US. It is more aggressive and even more serious than the original strain. The overwhelming majority of people getting this new strain of the virus today are unvaccinated people. All the more reason for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated to keep themselves and people around them safe.

Updated! (8-4-2021) The latest political battle over masks makes me sad. Some state Governor’s will not funds schools (as in Florida) if there are mask mandates in their district. This is absolutely horrible in my opinion.  The Delta virus is spreading out of control right now and there are only two defenses, vaccination and masks. Since there is no vaccination for kids under 12 at this time, the other safety measure is masks for children. Please do not get caught up the political battles and keep you and your family safe no matter what state you live in. Right now, I believe children under 12 should wear masks to school, over 12 should get vaccinated. You probably are seeing in the media those adults who did not get vaccinated and now are very sick from Covid. Their message now to all the unvaccinated people is to do the right thing and get vaccinated. Follow the science, and not the politics.

Updated! (10-25-2021) This is still an active pandemic. Good news is the approval of additional booster shots for adults, and the approval of vaccine for children 5-11.  Amazing still, there are many battles going on about being vaccination for adults, as well as adults vaccinating their children. This blows my mind. People forget that we all got vaccination to prevent 14 diseases when we were children.  Click here to refresh your memory   

However, today people have made this disease political and say it is my choice (while over 800,000 Americans had died from this disease). If it only affected them, it would be their choice and I am OK with that. But it does not. They infect others without even knowing it. This causing pain and agony to thousands of other people and their families. I am sure most people have seen lately where unvaccinated people get hospitalized (and some die) and their message to everyone on-line is “Get the Vaccine”

Updated! (12-13-2021) I just got back from a funeral with one of my best friends in life. He died of Covid. He was a great guy with a great family and also a community model of success. I felt the pain and suffering of his wife, kids, and grandkids, and tons of friends. It was horrible. He was in the hospital for about 75-80 days. Everyone tried to give as much support as possible, but the Covid beat him. I could not say this but I knew, “If he had been vaccinated, he would be with us today and enjoying life as he did with family and friends”. I could not say that because I felt the pain of his family. I am shocked even today that roughly 40% of Americans are still not vaccinated. Some people think they are invisible and can overcome the effects of Covid. Others make it a political issue. Both of these reasons are totally bunk. All the unvaccinated people should get vaccinated to protect yourself and others. It is so sad everyone cannot get vaccinated as we watch other people we love die needlessly. Forget your political, and tough guy views and get vaccinated please.  

New! (7-15-2022)  From the MD Anderson site on the new Omicron subvariants:  COVID-19’s BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants  


Click Here to check how many people in the US have been vaccinated.

Click Here to check how many people in the US have died from Covid. Now over 1 million. Way more than it should have been, and still climbing every day.


Telemedicine has expanded greatly since the Covid19 hit. This is where you can have certain appointments (like follow-ups or consultations) on-line from your home. In my opinion, this should be used as often as possible. I believe this was long overdue. Patients can be spending 2 hours at the doctor’s office for an appointment. Now they can spend 15 minutes in their home without dangers of travel, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc. I have used telemedicine appointments with my oncologist, kidney specialist, urologist and neurologist. Also, I would recommend recording the audio on your cell phone to review again, if needed. This is handy for you, and maybe a caregiver who may not be able to be there for that appointment.

Now there are times when you must go to the office, such as a physical checkup, chemo, blood work, or other items where you physically must be present. However, take advantage of the telemedicine every time you can.