I have been battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer (never-smoker) for the last 17+ years. When I was originally diagnosed in May of 2005 I had no idea where to begin. My prognosis, as given to me by the Head of the Oncology Department, gave me only 3-6 months to live. Obviously, I was devastated and frightened. It would have been great if someone, or an institution, could have helped me by sharing the detailed information included in this site.

During the last 15 years I have helped many people. However, due to the timing of when I got involved, this info has either helped them tremendously, or if I got involved too late, did not help them at all. This bothers me immensely.

After my last experience when I got involved too late, my son suggested for me to put my perspective and knowledge down in writing and then send it to as many people as I can ahead of time. Before it would be too late to help.  He was right, and this is why I proceeded to make this website.

Updated! (10-07-2019) Here is a short video clip I did on our local ABC station describing why I created this site. Video link

Updated! (6-29-2021) For more details about my personal story, I have included a document link. Click Here

Magazine article at year 8 of my journey. Click Here

Please be aware that I am not a doctor. I am an Engineering and IT guy, fighting stage 4 lung cancer like it is a manageable disease. My information here is not 100% complete or 100% accurate. But it is my honest advice. It is not intended to replace your doctor’s opinion, but it is trying educate patients on all the options that are available to them to get their best outcome.